08 January, 2012

Starting new series: 50¢ Flash Fiction

I have started a new series titled 50 Cent Flash.

These will be short-short stories of under 2000 words. I tried to make them available at 50¢ each.  Unfortunately, this is impossible under current marketing conditions. So I have started a series of anthologies of 3 or 4 stories that will be available on iBooks and Lulu. Later, there will be collections of three anthologie on Amazon. (Amazon’s royalty structure  forces this.)

Also, I will have audio versions available as well.

NOTE:  Publishing June 4 (I hope). vol 1: TWIST


Go to the link 50 Cent Flash for latest update.

14 August, 2012

An interesting post for writers

Here is an interesting post for writers. It’s the first in a series.

The Writers Conference Part #1: Have No Fears

By  on August 6th, 2012


11 February, 2012


An interesting read here…

In 1975, Steffi Smith, twenty-five, journeys from Georgia to Oregon in search of a new life. There, a friend tells her about a unique way for her to make a living: joining a forestry services co-operative, whose members live a gypsy existence amid the mountains and rivers of the great Northwest. The rest follows.


07 February, 2012

Tin House: PLOTTO: The Master Contest of All Plots

PLOTTO: The Master Contest of All Plots

The publishing house Tin House has started a new challenge that runs weekly.

Every Wednesday we will post a prompt from William Wallace Cook’s classic how to manual Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots on the Tin House blog. Simply use the given prompt you find there to write your own original 500 word story.

I intend to enter it regularly. Any entries that do not win (chuckle) will be added to my 50¢ Flash series. I have already entered the first with the story Goodie Two-Shoes. Let’s see how it goes.
07 February, 2012

Reading from Shao-Sen

Shao-Sen: The Story of a Fish is an allegory intended to appeal to everyone form children to adults. Here I have a reading of the opening pages.

08 January, 2012


This is the new blog for Jaan Seunnasepp – Welcome!

Here I will post news and information about my writings.


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