08 January, 2012

Starting new series: 50¢ Flash Fiction

I have started a new series titled 50 Cent Flash.

These will be short-short stories of under 2000 words. I tried to make them available at 50¢ each.  Unfortunately, this is impossible under current marketing conditions. So I have started a series of anthologies of 3 or 4 stories that will be available on iBooks and Lulu. Later, there will be collections of three anthologie on Amazon. (Amazon’s royalty structure  forces this.)

Also, I will have audio versions available as well.

NOTE:  Publishing June 4 (I hope). vol 1: TWIST


Go to the link 50 Cent Flash for latest update.

10 August, 2014

41. Beelzebub was having a decidedly off-day


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Beelzebub was having a decidedly off-day. Hell was having its coldest winter in eons, his most recent plan to enslave humankind was temporarily put on the backburner due to budget overruns and now it transpired that Jesus Christ’s comeback tour was outselling his own Hellzapoppin’ extravaganza by a considerable margin. Normally the evil overlord would counter his mounting depression with some mindless sadistic torture but all the fun had been sucked out of that since Hell had been overrun with lawyers all too willing to countersue.

Walking amid the furnaces he contemplated throwing in the towel. Running Hell wasn’t the great job it once had been. How he longed for the days when he didn’t have to fight unions on a daily basis, the Catholic Church could still be counted on to reach its quota of heretics and any harm he inflicted on his tortured souls didn’t seem peanuts compared…

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14 August, 2012

An interesting post for writers

Here is an interesting post for writers. It’s the first in a series.

The Writers Conference Part #1: Have No Fears

By  on August 6th, 2012


11 February, 2012


An interesting read here…

In 1975, Steffi Smith, twenty-five, journeys from Georgia to Oregon in search of a new life. There, a friend tells her about a unique way for her to make a living: joining a forestry services co-operative, whose members live a gypsy existence amid the mountains and rivers of the great Northwest. The rest follows.


07 February, 2012

Tin House: PLOTTO: The Master Contest of All Plots

PLOTTO: The Master Contest of All Plots

The publishing house Tin House has started a new challenge that runs weekly.

Every Wednesday we will post a prompt from William Wallace Cook’s classic how to manual Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots on the Tin House blog. Simply use the given prompt you find there to write your own original 500 word story.

I intend to enter it regularly. Any entries that do not win (chuckle) will be added to my 50¢ Flash series. I have already entered the first with the story Goodie Two-Shoes. Let’s see how it goes.
07 February, 2012

Reading from Shao-Sen

Shao-Sen: The Story of a Fish is an allegory intended to appeal to everyone form children to adults. Here I have a reading of the opening pages.

08 January, 2012


This is the new blog for Jaan Seunnasepp – Welcome!

Here I will post news and information about my writings.

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